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Mr. Robert E. Fields



Good Day, I would like to introduce you to the next chapter  in my development as a photographer... the New Renaissance Era.

My name is Robert Fields, I am Virginia born and raised from the city of Portsmouth. My life has been heavily influenced by music, and art of all kinds. My introduction to photography arrived when a good friend of mine created a platform known today as Fresh Radio (The Place Where we Dwell). There was a need for photos to advertise and commemorate events, so I borrowed my nieces camera and jumped in.

Needless to say I found myself engulfed in a new form of expression that is second only to my family. This is how I tell my story, Its also my gift that allows me to attach emotion to moments in your life that deserve to be cherished. 

Being able to offer my clients a look back in time to a moment they never want to forget, gives me joy. Being a part of their lives timelessly (on their wall, or  in an album), makes what I have saved for them an heirloom for generations to come. 

I started R. Fields Photography because of my love for the Renaissance Era of art in Harlem during the 1920's and 30's. This time period was vital in the display of creativity for African American in the United States. It is only right as a lover of the arts and student of that time period that I embrace the feeling and artistic drive of my pioneers. 


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