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What will set you apart from other brands is the quality of your marketing material, and your photos are the root to their success! Being able give a visual look into your brand and allowing future clients to mentally invest in you is what we are after. This session is ideal for models and businesses looking to create a complete portfolio. This session would also be perfect for artists in need of new photos for their next project or small business product and inventory.

 These sessions can be broken up into increments of one hour or taken all at one sitting. Our Business and Branding sessions are all about visually executing your marketability. They include (but are not limited to) headshots, product photography, concept photography for brand distinction, event coverage (grand openings, book releases), advertisement and commercial photography. Also included is a 45 sec branding video.

Your sessions will be molded to fit the needs of your business or your brand.

Package 1: Price 550    4 hour session 

Package 2: Price 850    6 hour session