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Retainer Fee  $200 to reserve your date

*Retainer fees are non-refundable. It is understood that this is not the full amount of a session. This is only the retainer fee and the remaining balance is due upon the agreed terms between R. Fields Photograpgy and Our Client(s).

The Boudoir Experience is a pure artistic expression of sensuality. Its a moment where your confidence is on display and  your divine femininity is captured. This experience can be shared with a partner or group. This Experience can also be done in the most comfortable environments (your home) to the air of the outdoor, its all in what makes you feel the sexiest and most complete with yourself. Your session will be a 1 of 1, because it is you.

After your Booking

You will receive:

  • Phone consultation, I’ll work with you to plan how the day will go. We’ll discuss your outfits and the looks you’d like.

  • Unlimited wardrobe changes during your session.

  • Complimentary Professional Makeup hair styling can be scheduled if you don't have a stylist you are already familiar with. .

  • Artfully styled posing to keep you at ease during your shoot. This will be done by our resident artist and manager of sex appeal Ashley Raeneil

  • Up to 2 hours of camera time.

  • Online gallery for ordering of prints and all other items you would care to have to commemorate this experience.